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Making that drawing a reality takes a lot of decisions. The benefits of self-build are that you get exactly what you want in the location of your choice with considerable savings on the price of a similar spec, size and quality ready-built property.

To achieve a successful building project you must plan meticulously and develop a high level of trust between yourself and your contractors. This requires excellent teamwork, collaboration, communication, and patience. We are here to help you achieve this.

From Sand Pit to Sand Castle

Who wouldn’t want an absolute beachfront and elevated just the right amount for privacy, sea view property?

But wanting it and actually doing it are poles apart…. because building a house right on the sand is not an easy task. It requires a lot of experience, engineering and organisation.

But if you have the right team, it can be done.

When the original builder withdrew, Melvin Construction were contacted to see if they were up to the task.  Ordinarily this would have been Ok based on experience alone but added into the mix was an impossible deadline having already lost weeks of precious time with the previous team.

With just a few months now left until the first guests were due to stay – this project was going to have everyone on deck and under pressure.

A huge job for the project manager who was responsible for managing the project, ensuring that everyone was working together and that all the deadlines were met. They also needed to ensure that there was good communication throughout the project and that people trusted each other and pulled their weight at all times.

For the owners, the project had been in the pipeline for a while and it was finally going to be put into action – they were extremely hands-on :).
Teamwork with CSA Architects, the clients and the Melvin team was what really made this project successful.

No detail was overlooked with a top-of-the-range Lusso bathroom and ginormous hand-made terrazzo tiles, the beach house has so many bespoke elements making it truly one of a kind.  The Melvin carpenters paid a key role too within the kitchen cubpbords fronts and making custom bunk beds and bed with bed-head and under bed storage and wardrobes to make the best use of the small bedroom spaces.


When the going gets tough

The site was steep, and access difficult, each day’s digging found sand right back where we had started the next morning until that is we could get some gabion walls in place to hold it back. Once out of the ground progress was swift.

Written by: Richard Bannister