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Making that drawing a reality takes a lot of decisions. The benefits of self-build are that you get exactly what you want in the location of your choice with considerable savings on the price of a similar spec, size and quality ready-built property.

To achieve a successful building project you must plan meticulously and develop a high level of trust between yourself and your contractors. This requires excellent teamwork, collaboration, communication, and patience. We are here to help you achieve this.

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Located in Cornwall UK, we have also worked in the USA and Ireland, building and creating truly individual homes, multiple developments and apartment projects.

Melvin Construction understand all points of construction, plans, sections and details as well as an understanding of the entire construction process through years of ‘hands-on’ experience, we communicate and co-ordinate effectively between different tradesmen, have the resources to find different suppliers with the right materials for the job, and take great pride in our work and the ability to foresee any problems before they happen. And we actually know how to swing a hammer.

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